I'll Be Witty Tomorrow, Vol. 6 🏡

I think it may take longer than a tomorrow for my wittiness to show up 😆

Hello, from Day 49 of staying at home because of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s 10:00 a.m on May 1, 2020. It helps to mark the time, right?

Currently, I’m sitting in the living room of our house in Asheville, NC. Greg and the kids are either eating breakfast, working, doing school work, chatting on occasion, or staring off into space wondering what day it is. Glad I’ve marked the time! 😘

A few weeks ago, I recorded A Day in the Life as a writing assignment and it was posted on The Art of Simple today. A few things have changed since writing that article.

First of all, we’re now staying-at-home in Asheville, NC. Greg is still working but now he’s working from home, and Gunnar took a few weeks off work. We are still following stay-at-home orders, maintaining a safe distance when we go to the store—all the same things.

Secondly (second, second of all? Grammar is hard lately!)—we are close to my parents who just live 2 miles away. While we can’t hang out with them right now, we can drop off groceries when they need them or run an errand when needed. Just knowing that we are close by brings all of us a little bit of comfort.

While we’re here, we will continue to renovate the house and get it ready for our family and friends to use (once the stay-at-home orders are over…will this ever end?)

Ten things giving me life the past few weeks:

How are you doing? I’d love to hear what’s giving you life lately?

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