Welcome, friends...

A look inside a safe place to feel insecure

Friends may not always provide us the security we long for. Sometimes they simply offer us a safe place to feel insecure.” Emily P. Freeman

Because of the encouragement from my friend Emma, I’m dusting off this newsletter.

Our lives crossed paths & continents last June in London and since then, we’ve Zoom chatted almost monthly to encourage each other about life, work, and writing.

I hope you’ll be encouraged as you read and know that you are among friends in this space. This is a safe place to feel insecure + hit publish.

There’s really no reason for me to go back several months and try to explain why I haven’t written a newsletter since, well, my birthday last April.

Let’s just start fresh!

My Good List - my most recent article written for The Art of Simple.

Nest Fest - this post contains more photos than words but it’s a glimpse into the day that Chad + Myquillyn Smith let their friends help them with Nest Fest. It’s my favorite day of the year.

A Silver Willow by the Shore by Kelli Stuart

A Silver Willow by the Shore is the story of the unshakeable love between mothers and daughters and of the impact that past decisions can have on present day circumstances. This novel weaves together the stories of generations of women, from the gulags of 1930’s Siberia, to the quiet oppression of 1980’s Soviet Moscow, to present day Tennessee. It is an unforgettable narrative of the treachery of secrets, and of the light that unites the heart of a family.

I finished it in a weekend but I wish I hadn’t read it so quickly! I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Elizaveta, Nina, and Annie.

Okay, this one is a watch and listen. And it’s long. BUT I really want you to watch it for the singing. I’m ready to join a choir again (after a 30-year hiatus!) And now every time I fly on an airplane, I would like for the Sunday Service choir to sing!

Salty Dark Chocolate bars from Hu! Since January, I’ve eliminated several foods from my diet in an attempt to heal my body and slow down the effects of an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s.

This chocolate is my one sweet treat and thankfully it’s made with coconut sugar so it’s on my safe list. When my kids were tearing into Halloween candy last week, grabbing a square of this helped me get over the loss of not having my fill of Butterfinger’s!

What’s on your list for Read, Laugh, Listen + Can’t Live Without recently?

*top photo credit: Erin Moon