Thirty Years Ago This Was a Good Idea? 🤷‍♀️

So. Many. Questions.

We spent some time this week rummaging through the crawl space of the house where my parents lived for 20 years in Asheville, N.C.

We found four boxes that were labeled, “Caroline”.

I do not remember packing up the contents of these boxes but as I started going through them, I entered a time warp.

School papers from elementary through high school, barbie dolls, trinkets, letters, and cards. So many letters and cards. Ballet recital programs, some of my favorite childhood books, and photos.

Most of the items went in the trash because there’s no need to keep four boxes of my old stuff. Some of it has been in a box for over 40 years! I obviously didn’t miss it, so why hold on to it now? The few priceless items that I did save now fit in one shoebox.

I decided that I needed to share with you a few of those priceless items.

When I graduated from high school in 1990, personalized senior photos had just become the thing to do a few years before that, so when it was my turn, I guess I had some great ideas! But those great ideas in 1990 do not make any sense in 2020!

But were they really great ideas in 1990? You decide.

Are you ready?


I guess I really loved sweaters and BEARS!

One thing I am really proud of–the tight jean roll!

Maybe those will make a comeback? 😘

Have a great weekend, friends!

I’d love to hear what odd item(s) you used in your senior photos. Can you top a huge stuffed animal bear??