Lamenting. Listening. Learning.

Some resources for me, and you.

If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen this already but I wanted to share it again here for you along with some resources from people and organizations that I trust. I will continue to add more to this post as I discover them or they are shared with me.

Here’s what I wrote earlier this week:

I’m sorry.⁣
I’m listening. ⁣
I’m learning. ⁣

⁣There are generations worth of lamenting AND listening AND learning that I need to continue to teach myself, and my children that Black Lives Matter. ⁣

I’ve been told that I am kind. But if my white skin kindness doesn’t shout for justice when Black lives are oppressed, then what good is my kindness? ⁣

I’m sorry. ⁣
I’m listening. ⁣
I’m learning. ⁣

Thank you @oshetamoore for your wisdom and guidance in your IGTV message yesterday. (Go watch it!)⁣

I’ll be reading books, watching films and documentaries. I’m also listening and learning from:⁣


Additional Resources:

Be The Bridge


Read to Fight Racism

Peacemaking + Racism Workshop

2+2 Will Always Be 4 (video below)