I'll Be Witty Tomorrow, Vol. 5 🌼❄️

We'll make it!

Did a decade go by in the past thirty-five days? Yes. Yes, it did.

Thirty-five days ago we had just begun stay-at-home orders. Thirty-seven days ago we had friends over for dinner.

A thirty-five day decade.

Because of that time warp, I have had a hard time writing. I have sat down to write to you several times in the past month, and I’ve stared at a blank screen.

But today, one thing came to mind.

In our 23 years of marriage, Greg and I have said this phrase to each other hundreds of times, “We’ll make it.”

We moved 1,000 miles away from home 18 months into marriage. We’ll make it.

Four kids in 7 years. We’ll make it.

Job losses. Surgeries. Friendships ended. Deaths. We’ll make it.

Autoimmune disease. We’ll make it.

Stay-at-home orders. COVID-19. We’ll make it.

This isn’t my way of glossing over what’s going on in the world. There has been a tragic loss of life because of COVID-19. My heart is heavy for that loss.

Present circumstances can bring doubt, but when you live your life with an eternal perspective, the simple phrase, “We’ll make it,” helps to keep you grounded to your faith.

We’ll make it, friends.

Ten things giving me life during this thirty-five day decade:

  1. Our TikTok family dance

  2. Our #whipcreamchallenge

  3. Our attempt at Dad Jokes

  4. Troop Zero movie

  5. The Chosen series

  6. Reading an advanced copy of This Too Shall Last by K.J. Ramsey

  7. Some Good News with John Krasinski

  8. This t-shirt

  9. This lounge bra

  10. Slowly making my way through the Heartland series.

I wonder what the next decade of a month will bring? Stay well.

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