I'll Be Witty Tomorrow, Vol. 2

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Hello! From the last month of this decade.


At the beginning of this decade, we lived in North Carolina. I was 37. My kids were 9, 7, 4, and 2.

Not much has changed, right?

On second thought, it’s the decade that (in no particular order):

The common denominator this past decade and it seems cliche to say but here it is: faith, family, and friends.

I am not the same because of what God has done in my life and I’m so thankful for the family and friends that have stood beside me.

I wonder what the next decade will bring? Don’t say grandkids!

I finally grabbed a copy of Sarah Bessey’s book, Miracles and Other Unreasonable Things from my local library. It is a beautiful memoir and I ignored my family for a few days while I read it.

After I finished Chapter 5, I was overwhelmed with emotion and left this comment on one of her Instagram photos:

It’s not very often that I am overcome with emotion so when it happens, I pay attention. I’m not sure if she’ll ever read it because it was on a post from a few years ago but I knew that I need to tell her and thank her for writing her story.

When we try to script our own resurrections, we miss the places where God wants to surprise us with a more full, more whole expression of healing than we could ever imagine. Sarah Bessey

I have since ordered my own copy!

November had a case of mistaken identity and thought she was February because we set FOUR weather records in 24 hours!

Kelsi + Caleb Fullmer started a Picnic Table Challenge and they made a compilation video for us. It’s four minutes that Greg wishes he could have back, but it made me giggle.

The album on repeat this month was Lady Antebellum’s latest, Ocean.

No Fun Jo Decaf coffee is my go-to right now as I’m doing what I can to keep my thyroid calm and one of those ways is to cut back on caffeine. Finding a chemical-free decaf was important and the Swiss Water Process by Jo is 100% chemical-free, it removes 99% of the caffeine, AND it tastes delicious!

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